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Axis Softech is a leading travel technology company of India. Its business office is located in Delhi; the company has its presence from 2005 and has worked for reputed clients in Travel and Tourism sector. Our official website is AxisSoftech has immense experience of more than 10+ years in delivering every type of travel project whether it’s simple one or complex. Axis Softech Pvt Ltd follows all business models for offline travel agents, agencies, tour operators, holiday package providers and other players in this segment. We have B2C, B2B and B2E online travel products which are rolled under the brand name “Safari”. You can go through all our products at

As we all know day by day offline travel business is losing its ground so offline travel agencies has to think that online travel business is only hope for them for this they require travel portal. Axis Softech Private Limited provides all travel portal development solutions to these agencies at affordable prices. It is a stimulating era in the travel and tourism industry in India. India’s online travel and tourism industry has seen rapid growth over last few years. The online travel industry comprises more than 50 percent of total e-commerce industry in our country; it is estimated to be over $ 15 billion.

Online accession, transactions and strategic partnerships are creating unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation in this industry. Axissoftech private limited believes that successful online travel agencies are adopting and implementing new strategies, policies, technologies which shape a new face to travel and tourism industry. Today travel portals has changed scenario of this industry. It is very easy for customers to compare prices, features and services and then choose the one that suits them so there is a continued innovation in travel bookings which is changing the online travel market. Travel Portals offers various discount to attract more customers. This financial discounted package and deals offered by online travel companies are supporting hand of this industry’s growth in terms of value and volume. There is an increasing competition among these agencies where commission for travel agencies and ticket fares for customers visiting travel portal is crucial part so AxisSoftech provides best fares and commissions from our online travel portal products. Our website,, holds witness to all our quality work. Axis Softech Pvt Ltd can develop your travel portal within 5-6 business days where we provide all integrated solution in this online travel portal product including APIs, payment gateways, admin panel etc. Offline travel agencies do not have to panic about any requirement because this is a complete one stop shop for all your travel agency queries.

Axis Softech follows all quality measures in developing travel portals. We are CMMI L-3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified Company so there is series of procedure which is followed in Axis Softech Private Limited’s travel portal development process which reduce almost all chance of eliminating bugs from our travel portals. AxisSoftech has team of experts who are dedicated, motivated and hardworking which creates zeal in company’s atmosphere. Axissoftech private limited’s client relationship team understands our all business requirement and then they suggest best possible solution for your travel agency according to your budget because we have online travel portal product for all class of travel agencies. Axis Softech Private Limited’s team is always there to support you after delivering travel portal which is the unique USP of Axissoftech private limited and sets its apart from other travel technology companies.

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